Bulletin τεύχος 2 | Against anti-migration policies, racism, fascism, patriachy & capitalism

Bulletin τεύχος 2

against anti-migration policies, racism, fascism, patriachy and capitalism

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συνέλευση η οποία αποτελείτε από ντόπιους και μετανάστες και στεγάζεται στην Φάμπρικα Υφανέτ


και το κείμενο αυτοπαρουσίασης της ομάδας

We are a group of local and migrant activists. We call for solidarity among peoples without any form of racial discrimination based on color, race, origin or language. We are combating discrimination against women and we are in solidarity with homosexual people and trans people. We believe in a self-organized, hate-free society. We believe in the ability of peoples to determine their destiny and their way of life without any kind of authority. We do not believe in leaders or in dependency on anyone. We do not believe in nationalism and national or patriotic prejudice. We even fight those ideas that incite people to hate others. We believe that all human beings are equal in their race, gender and color whatever they are. We want to stress that we are not hostile to anyone based on these things. Our hostility is directed at those who seize power and govern unjustly and with the capitalists who control societies through money. Our hostility is dedicated to overthrowing racism, fascism and religious extremism, we fight the borders and refuse to be subject to the fascist and dictatorial forces wherever they are and whatever their ideology is, we want to make it clear again that we are a group of activists in the political field. We do not belong to any political party and we are not volunteers. Our initiative aims to help break the barriers of communication and unite our struggles in both the cities and the migrants’ camps.
Our group is open to anyone who agrees with the above and would like to be a part of our initiative.

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