Short stories for the salvation of memory: escaping the dominant narrative and its imprint in the public space

This publication is our effort to investigate the issue of monuments their relationship with the public space and their management by the ministry of culture. Moreover this brochure refers to the state policy concerning the negotiation of (nationalist) memory as well as the expressions of our anti-memory. This project is related to the defend of Fabrika Yfanet squat by a possible evacuation.

The whole brochure : Short stories for the salvation of memory

This publication was printed in June 2021 in 2000 copies in Greek language. It was translated in English language in December 2021 for the circulation of the solidarity against of a possible eviction of the squat by the greek state. For comments, reviews or any questions, you could send an email to Alternatively, every Tuesday at 20.00, Omirou and Perdika corner street, Kato Toumba region, Thessaloniki.

Fabrika Yfanet’s material:


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